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We cover:

  • Tourism Translation
  • Marketing Translation
  • Business Translation
  • Legal Translation
  • HR Translation
  • Educational Translation
  • Industrial Translation
  • Scientific Translation
  • IT Translation
  • Software Translation
  • Medical Translation
  • Book Translation

We teach:

  • Slovak for Foreigners
  • General English
  • Business English
  • Legal English
  • HR English
  • English in tourism


We provide group and one-on-one Slovak/English tutoring for individuals and companies. We put emphasis not only on the theory and grammar but also on the practical aspect of courses. Our lessons consist of conversations, fill-in exercise, reading and translating of texts. We cover all language levels – beginners, intermediate and advanced.


There are more and more foreigners living or working in Slovakia. MyEnglish provides general and professional courses of Slovak language for both individual and corporate clients. Slovak tutoring is designed mainly for expatriates, businessmen, diplomats and other people who are going to spend a certain amount of time in Slovakia and wish to learn the local language; Slovak (Slovakian). We offer not only general Slovak courses, but also specialised language courses preparing clients for communicating in different areas, such as tourism, political science, law, business, HR, IT, engineering, real estate and more.


During our courses of general English, students will gain and improve their pronunciation, the ability to understand English texts and ability to communicate in English in everyday situations.



The language knowledge of employees represents an efficient tool for improving the competitiveness of business companies and organisations. Based on numerous experience in the field of language education, MyEnglish offers courses that will enhance the employees´ ability to communicate and broaden their vocabulary. Tailor-made courses satisfy the individual need and requirements of employees. Our tutors travel to the premises of companies, thus saving the time of clients.


Preparatory courses are designed to prepare students for school leaving examinations, language examinations, admission interviews and job interviews. Tutoring is held in such a form that best suits clients´ needs. Both individual and group courses are available.

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Contact us:

+421 907 65 34 86

We provide:

  • Slovak Translation
  • Technical Translation
  • Certified Translation
  • Express Translation
  • Website translation
  • Slovak Localisation
  • Slovak Proofreading

We translate:

  • Slovak Language
  • English Language
  • German Language
  • Russian Language
  • Polish Language
  • Spanish Language
  • Italian Language
  • French Language
  • Greek Language