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We cover:

  • Tourism Translation
  • Marketing Translation
  • Business Translation
  • Legal Translation
  • HR Translation
  • Educational Translation
  • Industrial Translation
  • Scientific Translation
  • IT Translation
  • Software Translation
  • Medical Translation
  • Book Translation

We teach:

  • Slovak for Foreigners
  • General English
  • Business English
  • Legal English
  • HR English
  • English in Tourism



Technical translation requires excellent linguistic ability combined with a thorough knowledge of the terminology relating to a specific business or industry. Thanks to our vast pool of specialised translators, we are able to cope with the translation of difficult texts, such as legal translation, medical translation, IT translation, engineering translation, real estate translation, construction translation and many more.


Certification is required in translating official documents, such as university diplomas, confirmations, extracts from Commercial Register or birth certificates. These documents are usually submitted to Slovak or overseas governmental authorities, ministries and other official institutions, mainly Slovak Foreign Police. Foreigners who wish to stay in Slovakia for a longer period of time must apply for a residency permission, and for this reason, they need to obtain official (sworn) Slovak translations of some documents, such as birth certificate, extract from criminal register, marriage certificate, bank account balance, etc. Governmental institutions in many countries, such as India, Israel, Kazakhstan usually issue bilingual documents - written in both local language and English. These official documents can be translated from English to Slovak.


At MyEnglish we provide the translation of any marketing texts that are contained in advertising materials, including; brochures translation, leaflets translation, price-lists translation, restaurant menus translation, etc. Marketing and advertising translation requires a deep understanding of the target audience in order to implement appropriate emotions, symbolism, and metaphors into translation of original text.


Translating your website is one of the easiest ways to reach a global market. MyEnglish provides professional website translation and localisation adjusted to conditions on the Slovak market, as well as to the Slovak cultural awareness. We are able to handle website translation from/into all main languages, but mainly into Slovak (Slovakian), which is our primary language.


At MyEnglish we specialise in English to Slovak translation, however, we handle translation from any main language into all main languages. Cooperating with certified translators, we provide Slovak translation from/into German, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Italian, French, Greek and more.


The texts MyEnglish translates cover many fields including, but not limited to, marketing and advertising, law, education, political science, IT & software, manufacturing, real estate & building industry, engineering, medicine and many more.

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We provide:

  • Slovak Translation
  • Technical Translation
  • Certified Translation
  • Express Translation
  • Website Translation
  • Slovak Localisation
  • Slovak Proofreading

We translate:

  • Slovak Language
  • English Language
  • German Language
  • Russian Language
  • Polish Language
  • Spanish Language
  • Italian Language
  • French Language
  • Greek Language